5 Reasons to Consider Before you buy a Heat Pack


Ease of use

  • They heat up on their own. Simply click the metal disc
  • Unlike Wheat bags or Gel packs Click 'n' Heat requires no microwave
  • No electricity needed
  • Portable. Can be used in car or even camping
  • Can be used in a first aid kit.




  • 45 min to 2 hrs depending on size
  • Unlike disposable one time use heat packs, these can be reusable hundreds of times for years to come.




  • Provides soothing consistent heat
  • Moulds around the body
  • Used with ceramic belt for on the go use
  • No walking to the microwave in the middle of the night




  • No fire hazard or overheating
  • Contains a safe food grade salt solution
  • Used safely at hospitals and nursing homes and in child birth
  • No bacteria growth or smelly wheat bag
  • No splitting or leaking like the microwave gel packs
  • CE safety mark (High European standard)
  • MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) available
  • Australian Made Quality



Value for Money

  • Can be reused for years.
  • Can double up as a cold pack
  • 2 Year replacement warranty