The Aussie Cool Neckties are worn around the neck or around the forehead to keep cool while working, walking or playing sport. The Aussie cool neck tie contains a Super Absorbent Cooling polymer which hydrates when soaked in water. They expand 400 times their weight and DO NOT DRIP or LEAK water. The slow evaporation of water (evaporative cooling) will cool your neck and the blood flow to the brain and ensures clearer brain function.

Aussie Cool Neck Ties reduces the perspiration rate, the possibility of dehydration and helps prevent heat related head aches. The Aussie Cool Neck Ties are even worn by soldiers deployed in hot regions. It would be easier to list who doesn’t use them, but here are some examples who do…

Hot Flushes – Caravanning – Camping -Traveling – Hangovers – Fevers – Driving – Cancer Patients – MS Suffers – Migraine Suffers -School Children and even our Canine friends – Golfers – Tennis – Lawn Bowlers – Cricketers – Cyclists – Track Athletes -Walkers – Gardeners – Line Dancers – Horse Riders – Basketball – Softball – Gym – Jogging- Swelling – Farmers – Truck Drivers – Chefs – Bakers – Factory Workers – Builders – Roof Tilers -Miners – Builders – Fruit Pickers – Council Workers – Landscapers – Concreters- Fire Fighters

There is a also an Aussie Cool Vest available for those working in hot conditions or for MS suffers, it works on the same principle as the Aussie Cool Neck tie. A Must Have for Mine, Factory Workers and council workers etc… Both Aussie Cool Neck Ties and Aussie Cool Vests can be custom made and screen printed with your company name if bought in large quantities.


Several colours are available: White, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Green, Yellow, Dark Purple.  Please select your colour choice above.