Hot vs Cold Therapy

There is often confusion following an injury concerning whether to apply cold Pack or to use a heat pack. The answer depends on the type of injury you have sustained.

Click 'n' Heat packs can be used to target specific areas that need the benefit of initial cold therapy and ongoing heat therapy. Self-Management of aches and pains is an important part of rehabilitation and recovery. The initial management of injury has a huge impact in the length and quality of recovery and rehabilitation and hence using hot and cold packs are highly recommended by Physiotherapist and Chiropractors time and again.


Cold Pack

Cold Pack is most effectively used in the initial management of mechanical or forceful soft tissue injuries. The R.I.C.E therapy (Rest Ice Compress Elevation) is the recommended first aid treatment for all acute musculoskeletal injuries, or, in the case of chronic injuries where inflammation is present. It should be implemented during the first 72 hours of the injury. It is the first step to recovery.


REST – Stop all physical activity and give your body time to recoup. Use of crutches or a sling may be necessary.

ICE – Ice the injured areas using Click n Heat cold packs for no more than 20 minutes at a time, every 2 hours. Using a cold pack helps to
- Reduce bleeding into the tissues.
- Prevent or reduce swelling (inflammation).
- Reduce muscle pain and spasm.
- Reduce pain by numbing the area and by limiting the effects of swelling.

COMPRESSION - Compress the injured area with our Click n Heat bio ceramic belt. Wrap it around the injury and secure it in place using the Velcro straps. This helps to minimize swelling. Make sure it is not too tight cutting blood circulation to the area.

ELEVATION – Elevate and hold the injured area above the level of your heart. This reduces bleeding and any further swelling.


After 72 hours of RICE routine, you are ready to treat the injury with heat now.



Heat Pack

Alternating between heat and cold promotes faster rehabilitaion after an injury. Heat causes the blood vessels to open wide (dilate). This brings more blood into the area to stimulate healing of damaged tissues. Use our Click n Heat pack on the affected area and it has a direct soothing effect and helps to relieve pain and spasm. This leads to increased oxygen and nutrients supply thus reducing pain, increasing motion and promoting healing.


Aside from treating injuries, heat is for muscles, chronic pain, and stress. How does our Click 'n' Heat actually help?

- By increasing tissue elasticity, heat reduces your resting muscle tension and helps to relax those nasty painful knots.
- Your pain is quickly eased via the sedation and soothing of any pain-irritated nerve endings.
- The deep heating effect increases your blood flow to the painful area, bringing more nutrients to the injured area while flushing out the injured debris. This helps to quicken your healing rate.
- The deep heat also promotes a speedier healing rate by stimulating your natural metabolic rate. In other words, there is more energy available to fix the injury quicker.


Use our heat pack in conjunction with our Click n Heat bio ceramic belt to experience hands-free heat treatment. The belt contains self-attaching Velcro strap that allows you to position the heat pack exactly where you need, while you can still move around. The ceramics in the belt conduct heat and produce infrared rays, which allow the heat to penetrate up to 40mm deep below your skin.