Back Heat Pack

Back Heat Pack

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This popular heat pack is recommended to be used on back, generates enough heat to soothe lower back/lumbar pain, effective for period pain, aching hips before and after hip replacement Popular with Farmers, cleaners, Nurses and Factory workers.


A must have for pregnant women can be used during pregnancy, in labor and for those painful after birth cramps. Motor bikers love them as kidney warmers with the belt.

Recommended to be used in conjunction with the Bio-Ceramic Back belt which is custom made for this pack to slide in to enable it to be worn around lower middle or upper back, prolongs the heat duration too.Can be used in the Car, office travelling before gardening or easily at home around your back or stomach.




Retains heat better than wheat bags

Suitable for all over the body. 

40% lighter than wheat bags.

Allergy Gluten and odour free.

No nasty chemicals

Just food grade sodium acetate

Doubles as a cold pack.

2 Year Australia wide warranty

Common Uses

Used for rheumatism, gout, Sciatic Pains , Arthritis

Ideal for Lower, middle, upper back, Stomach, hips, foot warmer ,sleeping bags

Baby bottle warmer


950 g


This Measures  280mm x 205mm


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