Scale G First Aid Kit

Scale G First Aid Kit

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The Scale G First Aid Kit is the complete package for industry level marine first aid requirements. This is a large Marine first aid pacakge designed for large fishing vessels and commercial marine.


1  Conforming Bandage 5cm
1  Conforming Bandage 10cm
2  Heavy Crepe Bandage 7.5cm                       
1  Heave Crepe Bandage 10cm                        
4  Triangular Bandage
3  Combine Dressing 10 10cm – Single         
2  Combine Dressing 10 20cm – Single         
5  Non Adherant Dressing 10 10cm – Single 
1  Hydroactive Dressing 10 10cm – Single    
2  Would Dressing Large      
2  Wound Dressing Small     
1  Adhesive Roll Non-Woven Fabric 5cm 10cm                      
1  Dressing Elastic Fabric Strips (50)               
3  Gauze Swabs Sterile (3)   
2  Eye Pad Sterile                  
1  Wound Closures 6 38mm
1  Surgical Tape – Waterproof 2.5cm 5m     
1  Surgical Tape – Waterproof 5cm 5m        
2  Towels Disposable            
1  Plastic Bag Set of 3 (S, M & L)         
2  Plastic Bag                        
1  Gloves Disposable (10)     
1  Safety Pins (12)                
1  Emergency Thermal Blanket                        
1  Instant Ice Pack                 
1  Resuscitation Mask Disposable                    
1  Resuscitation Mask Pocket                        
1  Splinter Proves Disposable (5)  
1  Splinter Forceps 12.5cm 
1  Shears Stainless 14 cm    
1  Scalpel Disposable          
1  Splint Malleable Universal                      
6  Saline 30ml                  
10  Provodine Swabs 
1  Paracetamol 500mg (24)
1  Nurofen 200mg Tablets
1  Antacid Tablets (20)
1  CPR Chart of Card
1  Australian First Aid Book
1  Empty First Aid Kit


Scheduled medicines not provided but are required in Scale G & F Kits:

  • Hydrocortisone 1% Cream – 30g
  • Panadeine 24’s
  • Sea Sickness Tablets (10)
  • Immodium (8)
  • Telfast 120mg Tablets (10)


More about our Marine First Aid Kits: 
Scale G and Scale F First Aid Kits are the complete package for Industry
level Marine First Aid requirements.  

Both of these are large Marine first aid packages designed for large fishing vessels
and commercial marine and are therefore suitable for boats under survey.

The Scale G and Scale F kits have sturdy carry handles that assist with portability
in order to tend to an injured person quickly as well as making it easy to store and
access at all times.

Packed with a wide variety of first aid supplies this kit will cater for a range of injuries
that require more than just a band aid and we have made sure that they exceed the
NSCV standards.