Soothing Gel Eye Mask

Soothing Gel Eye Mask

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Ever woken up with red puffy eyes that make you look tired – itchy irritating eyes during hay fever season. Try our soothing gel Eye Mask to help your puffy eyes look and feel better every day.

The mask can be used cold or hot. Place in the freezer or fridge or pop it into Luke warm water. Place it over your eyes and sinuses, or slide it up to your forehead for headaches or if you are having a hot flush. Its pliable, face-hugging shape with the strap makes it stay put without drips or leaks. The therapeutic temperature lasts approximately 30 relaxing minutes and feels very comfortable on your eyes.



·       Relieve puffy eyes & sinus headaches

·       Migraine heat aches

·       Takes the sting out of a eye brow wax

·       Helps with heat headaches or hangovers

·       Reduces swelling after a cosmetic procedure. Use as directed by your doctor



·       Relieve dry eyes

·       Relax your eyes for a better night’s sleep

·       Reduce nasal congestion

·       Relieves soreness once swelling is gone