Hot vs Cold


For centuries, heat therapy has been used by different cultures around the globe as as a simple yet effective way to manage your pain and get some relief....



5 Reasons


5 Reasons to consider before you buy a heat pack Unlike disposable one time use heat packs, these can be reused hundreds of times for...



Dangers of Wheat Bag


In Australia, wheat bags have been a part of growing up for years. We all had one given to taketo bed. We use them all through winter...



Why Click'n'Heat?


Don’t be fooled by Imitations, Click‘n’heat packs are medical grade heat packs, manufactured for hospitals and health professionals...


Portable and Reusable instant green heat packs

For the person who won't settle for less, it has everything. Great for a family or keep some and giv..
$340.00 $199.00
text_tax $180.91

This All-in-One package is great for the whole family, includes one of all our heat pack sizes, with..
$230.00 $149.00
text_tax $135.45

Back pain affects about 80% of adults at some time in their lives, and about 50% of people experienc..
$140.00 $119.00
text_tax $108.18

Many people who suffer from knee pain also suffer from back pain, in fact, as many as 60% of knee pa..
$160.00 $99.00
text_tax $90.00

Housing a baby is tough work. When your feet are sore and swollen and your back feels like it's abou..
$199.40 $149.00
text_tax $135.45

Experts say $650 million in revenue is lost every year from lost work because of common ailments inc..
$150.00 $89.00
text_tax $80.91

For those of us who love the great outdoors but like a few little creature comforts the camper pack ..
$110.00 $79.00
text_tax $71.82

Clicknheat packs can be used to target specific areas that need the benefit of initial cold therapy ..
$200.00 $149.00
text_tax $135.45

Tripple Heatpack Deal These little dynamos are lightweight and totally portable. Click the button..
$45.00 $35.00
text_tax $31.82

While the overall qualities of warmth and heat have long been associated with comfort and relaxation..
text_tax $62.73

These little dynamos are lightweight and totally portable. Click the button and they are an instant ..
text_tax $13.64

This Package contains: Sports Heat Pack Sports Bio Ceramic Belt Designed for pain ..
text_tax $44.55

Neck pain and shoulder pain are common conditions. A pain in the neck can be caused by something as ..
text_tax $54.55

This popular heat pack is recommended to be used on back, generates enough heat to soothe lower back..
$50.00 $34.00
text_tax $30.91

Can be used at the sports venues before a game or easily at home around an aching limb. Carry in a s..
$35.00 $29.00
text_tax $26.36

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Click’n’heat is Australian owned & operated offering Hot & Cold Packs with overnight dispatch and express delivery. Instant - Reusable & Portable Green Heat packs, no microwaves required. Hot and Cold Therapy for aches and pains. Back Pain, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Arthritis, Sports injuries, Injury Recovery, RSI, Hamstring strain Knee injury Ankle sprain. Shin splints. ACL tear tennis or Golfers elbow pulled muscle sprain shoulder injury, recovery and rehabilitation.

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